Welcome to the Camas Transport team. As a transportation broker, we offer valuable services to carriers. Some of the services that we provide:

  • Serve as a sales organization
  • Problem solver when there are operational difficulties with the movement between shipper and carrier
  • Act as source of funds on a twenty-four hour or seven day basis, with prior arrangements.

Camas Transport has high standards of performance for our carriers and ourselves. To assure that these high standards of performance are served each of our carriers must be qualified. Qualification will be completed upon your first load. To qualify as a Camas Transport carrier the following criteria must be met:

  • Provide current operating authority
  • Meet insurance requirements
  • Qualify to execute a broker/carrier agreement


All carriers providing services to Camas are monitored for on-time pick-up and delivery percentages. Our office will provide this information to you upon request.



Carrier Invoice Disbursements – Camas Transport makes payment of carrier invoices in accordance with the broker-carrier contract. To expedite payment, Camas will accept paperwork via fax with original bill of lading also mailed to our office.


For payment within 5 days from receipt of signed original Bill of Lading a 1% fee is charged.

For payment within 24 hours of receipt of signed original Bill of Lading a 2% fee is charged. Camas must receive the paperwork and be notified by 12:00 NOON PST.


Once your truck is loaded, upon request an advance for up to 1/3 of your load payment can be sent to you, or your driver, through Comdata Transportation Services. A 2% fee is charged for this advance of funds. At the time the advance is honored, a fee will be charged by Comdata. Camas must receive your advance request no later than 3:30PM PST to process your advance on the day of your request.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Accounts Payable department at (800) 524-2425 or (503) 684-3597 or

PO BOX 230999, TIGARD, OR 97281
503/684-3597 • 800/524-2425 • 503/684-0894 FAX